GPD 2019 Presentations — Технологии обработки стекла

Конференция Glass Performance Days 2019 была насыщена информативными и вдохновляющими презентациями на различные темы. Наша же задача – это делиться полезным материалом с вами.

На этой странице мы собрали самые интересные видеопрезентации о технологиях обработки стекла.

Здесь вы найдете всё, от закалки стекла до ламинирования, производства стеклопакетов, а также технологии нанесения покрытий.

Закалка стекла

  1. Gabriele Pisano, Construction Technologies Institute, National Research Council of Italy – A micro-mechanical model to calculate the optimal HST holding time:
  2. Ignatius Calderone, Calderone and Associates – Checking if the heat soak testing was carried out:
  3. Andreas M Kasper, Saint-Gobain – Spontaneous breakages of toughened glass:
  4. Reijo Karvinen, Tampere University Civil Engineering Unit – Influence of cooling jets on stress pattern and anisotropy in tempered glass:
  5. Louis Moreau, AGNORA – Anisotropy measurement for architectural glass:
  6. Horst Mertes, FeneTech Inc. ­– New trends in ERP software for the flat glass industry:
  7. Antti Aronen & Juho Ruusunen, Glaston ­– Counting of fragments in tempered glass fragmentation test:
  8. Maximilian Möckel, Dresden University of Technology ­– Load-bearing behavior of laminated tempered glass with reground edges:

Ламинирование стекла

  1. Christian Louter, Dresden University of Technology – Metal-to-glass bond strength of structural PVB:
  2. Jennifer Schneider, TU Darmstadt – Next-generation ionplast for improved glass lamination:
  3. Alexander Pauli, Bundeswehr University Munich – Experimental and methodical investigations on the hyperelasticity of standard PVB:
  4. Miriam Schuster, TU Darmstadt – Investigations on the visco- and hyperelastic behavior of PVB interlayers:
  5. Riku Färm, Glaston – Automating flat glass lamination process:
  6. Serhat Oran, OLBRICHT – A comparison of various deairing methods for windshields, sidelites and sunroofs:
  7. Steffen Bornemann, Folienwerk Wolfen – Controlling lamination result of EVA laminating films for lamination processes:
  8. Gabriele Pisano, Construction Technologies Institute, National Research Council of Italy – Do many glass panes really increase safety of laminated glass?


  1. Marco Stehr, Bystronic glass – Increasing productivity in IG production and performance with TPS:
  2. Karl Stefan Dewald, Schüco International KG – Windows and insert elements evolve due to trends and tech:
  3. Stephen Morse, Michigan Technological University – Load sharing of insulating glass unit with laminated glass:
  4. Carlos Machado e Moura, Jofebar – A window for today
  5. Cenk Kocer, University of Sydney – The past, present and future of the vacuum-insulated glazing technology:
  6. Liang Zhang, LandGlass ­– The application and development trend of vacuum-insulated glass:
  7. Franz Paschke, University of Sydney ­– The thermo-mechanical performance of a vacuum-insulated glazing window:
  8. Valérie Hayez, Dow Silicones Belgium – Maximizing façade transparency with crystal-clear silicone spacers:
  9. James Griffith, Arup – Climatic load design parameters for the United States:

Стекольные покрытия

  1. Marcus Klein, SURAGUS – Trends in monitoring of coatings in the value chain of arch, auto, solar and smart glass:
  2. Thomas Rainer, HEGLA boraident – Laser as a tool for glass processing:
  3. Joe Kao – Glass coatings that recycle sunlight instead of throwing it away:
  4. Enos «Andy» Axtell, Ferro Corporation – Glass coatings useful for the prevention of bird collisions:
  5. Karl-Anders Weiss, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE – Functionality and performance tests for coatings on glass for solar application:
  6. Hannes Spiss, Isolar Glas – Color of glass in a façade, technology vs reality:
  7. Stefan Goebel, Arnold Glas – Design coatings, a game with colors and performances:

Контроль качества

  1. Riku Färm & T. Bhatia, Glaston & Viridian – Next level of tempering process with data analysis and automated quality measurement:
  2. Frank Seta, Frank Seta & Associates¬ – Process to avoid window and related failures in high-rise buildings:
  3. Kai Vogel, Viprotron – Optimized furnace settings with new anisotropy and haze measurement methods:
  4. Ennio Mognato, Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro – Surface compression measurements on tempered glass with different instruments:

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