GPD 2019 Presentations – Glass processing technologies

The Glass Performance Days conference 2019 was full of informative and inspiring presentations on a variety of topics.  For us, it’s a mission to share this educational material with you.

On this page, we have compiled a list of the most interesting video presentations about the glass processing technologies.

It includes everything from glass tempering to glass lamination, insulated glass manufacturing, as well as coating technologies.

Glass tempering

  1. Gabriele Pisano, Construction Technologies Institute, National Research Council of Italy – A micro-mechanical model to calculate the optimal HST holding time:
  2. Ignatius Calderone, Calderone and Associates – Checking if the heat soak testing was carried out:
  3. Andreas M Kasper, Saint-Gobain – Spontaneous breakages of toughened glass:
  4. Reijo Karvinen, Tampere University Civil Engineering Unit – Influence of cooling jets on stress pattern and anisotropy in tempered glass:
  5. Louis Moreau, AGNORA – Anisotropy measurement for architectural glass:
  6. Horst Mertes, FeneTech Inc. ­– New trends in ERP software for the flat glass industry:
  7. Antti Aronen & Juho Ruusunen, Glaston ­– Counting of fragments in tempered glass fragmentation test:
  8. Maximilian Möckel, Dresden University of Technology ­– Load-bearing behavior of laminated tempered glass with reground edges:

Glass lamination

  1. Christian Louter, Dresden University of Technology – Metal-to-glass bond strength of structural PVB:
  2. Jennifer Schneider, TU Darmstadt – Next-generation ionplast for improved glass lamination:
  3. Alexander Pauli, Bundeswehr University Munich – Experimental and methodical investigations on the hyperelasticity of standard PVB:
  4. Miriam Schuster, TU Darmstadt – Investigations on the visco- and hyperelastic behavior of PVB interlayers:
  5. Riku Färm, Glaston – Automating flat glass lamination process:
  6. Serhat Oran, OLBRICHT – A comparison of various deairing methods for windshields, sidelites and sunroofs:
  7. Steffen Bornemann, Folienwerk Wolfen – Controlling lamination result of EVA laminating films for lamination processes:
  8. Gabriele Pisano, Construction Technologies Institute, National Research Council of Italy – Do many glass panes really increase safety of laminated glass?

Insulated glass

  1. Marco Stehr, Bystronic glass – Increasing productivity in IG production and performance with TPS:
  2. Karl Stefan Dewald, Schüco International KG – Windows and insert elements evolve due to trends and tech:
  3. Stephen Morse, Michigan Technological University – Load sharing of insulating glass unit with laminated glass:
  4. Carlos Machado e Moura, Jofebar – A window for today
  5. Cenk Kocer, University of Sydney – The past, present and future of the vacuum-insulated glazing technology:
  6. Liang Zhang, LandGlass ­– The application and development trend of vacuum-insulated glass:
  7. Franz Paschke, University of Sydney ­– The thermo-mechanical performance of a vacuum-insulated glazing window:
  8. Valérie Hayez, Dow Silicones Belgium – Maximizing façade transparency with crystal-clear silicone spacers:
  9. James Griffith, Arup – Climatic load design parameters for the United States:

Coating technology

  1. Marcus Klein, SURAGUS – Trends in monitoring of coatings in the value chain of arch, auto, solar and smart glass:
  2. Thomas Rainer, HEGLA boraident – Laser as a tool for glass processing:
  3. Joe Kao – Glass coatings that recycle sunlight instead of throwing it away:
  4. Enos „Andy“ Axtell, Ferro Corporation – Glass coatings useful for the prevention of bird collisions:
  5. Karl-Anders Weiss, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE – Functionality and performance tests for coatings on glass for solar application:
  6. Hannes Spiss, Isolar Glas – Color of glass in a façade, technology vs reality:
  7. Stefan Goebel, Arnold Glas – Design coatings, a game with colors and performances:

Quality management

  1. Riku Färm & T. Bhatia, Glaston & Viridian – Next level of tempering process with data analysis and automated quality measurement:
  2. Frank Seta, Frank Seta & Associates¬ – Process to avoid window and related failures in high-rise buildings:
  3. Kai Vogel, Viprotron – Optimized furnace settings with new anisotropy and haze measurement methods:
  4. Ennio Mognato, Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro – Surface compression measurements on tempered glass with different instruments:

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