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5 design trends from Glass Performance Days – Glass in modern buildings


Once again, over 500 glass professionals gathered in Tampere, Finland, to celebrate glass. After many workshops and excellent presentations, I am excited to see the ambition level of glass industry professionals on the rise once again. If nothing else, the Glass Performance Days reminds us that glass is a material that can truly do it all.

And as a brief reminder, I compiled five design trends that caught my attention.

The hottest trends for the coolest windshields


Exciting developments in the automotive industry have had a major impact on windshield design and functionality in recent years. This development is forcing windshield manufacturers to up their game. Not only do they need to adhere to increasingly stringent end-product safety and quality requirements, their windshield products must also answer designer demands. They must feature “smart” functionality, be fast to produce and environmentally friendly. This article introduces some of the current trends that are now shaping the automotive glass processing industry.