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Traditionally, the glass processing industry has been closed and secretive. There has been very little openly available research on the subject matter, which has resulted in companies keeping all the information and know-how to themselves. Processors have been forced to just learn as they go and try their best to interpret all the different information that supplier sales guys shout their way. Mark our words: this will change. We at Glaston want to be the catalyst for this ongoing revolution. We believe sharing is caring.

That’s why we built Glastory. For you to learn, share and succeed. Glastory is a place where you can collaborate, discuss and post your questions to the community. Glastory connects you to insightful stories, visionary experts and other inspiring content. We take you behind the scenes to discover what is shaping the glass processing industry. All this not only tells you what is happening – we want to help you implement this information to drive actual results in your business.

What is Glastory

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Behind Glastory

Glastory is published by Glaston, the world’s leading glass processing equipment and services provider. Glaston enables glass processing companies to succeed in their business by supplying them with equipment that helps them focus on their customers.