GPD 2019 Presentations – Glass industry market trends

The Glass Performance Days conference 2019 was full of informative and inspiring presentations on a variety of topics.  For us, it’s a mission to share this educational material with you.

Presented by a host of knowledgeable GPD speakers, explore the current industry trends outlining the trajectory of the overall glass market. These educational and informative video presentations cover the trends that are currently implemented by the innovative industry players, including the adoption of new, smart technologies, implementation of advanced R&D projects, switching to increased digitalization and much more.

 Market trends

  1. AJ Piscitelli, FeneTech Inc. – Looking beyond industry 4.0:
  2. Bernard Savaete, BJS Differences – the global float glass industry in the 21st century:
  3. Gesine Bergmann & Klaus Muehlhans, VDMA & A+W Software – Standardization of machine interfaces:
  4. Hans Kull, Inmatic – The future of software in glass processing: 
  5. Hubertus Boehm, Siemens – How can glass manufacturers manage their digital transformation journey? 
  6. Julia Ahvenainen, Stora Enso ¬– HEAL Lab develops new digital services around healthy and affordable living:
  7. Robert Prange, Bystronic Maschinen – High-efficiency processing of display glass for automotive applications:
  8. Stanley Yee, DOW Silicone Corporation –Transformational use of 3D printing in façade construction:
  9. Urmilla Sowell, NGA – North American market trends and drivers:
  10. Vicente Montes Amoros, CDC – Does safety glass manufactured abroad meet US building code?

Smart technology

  1. Peter Lenk, Arup – Next step in structural glass, digital design and fabrication:
  2. Kimmo Keränen, VTT –Wireless powering for laminated glass functionalities:
  3. Jasper van den Muijsenberg, Merck –Application of Eyrise in commercial projects and beyond:
  4. Fabio Favoino, Polytechnic of Turin – Impact of novel glass and insulation technology on future transportation:
  5. Juha Lilja, Stealthcase Oy, – Mobile-friendly glass, comparing solutions from the end-user viewpoint:
  6. Katsuyuki Haneda, Aalto University – Investigation of 5G radio frequency signal losses of glazing structures:
  7. Nebojsa Jakica, University of Southern Denmark – Physically accurate visual representation of advanced glass facades:
  8. Rebecca Hartwell, University of Cambridge – User-centered control of automated shading for intelligent glass facades:

Research and development

  1. Olivier Brouard, Skidmore Owings and Merrill – Parametric thermal transmittance numerical modeling of a curtain wall fenestration:
  2. Steffen Müller-Braun, TU Darmstadt – Edge strength, crack system and possibilities of increasing the strength:
  3. Michael Drass, TU Darmstadt – Extension of pseudo-elastic cavitation model for cyclic loading for TSSA:
  4. Martin Kahlmeyer, University of Kassel – Health monitoring of adhesively bonded glass elements by microcapsules:
  5. Tyler Hernandez, Stanford University – Optically tunable dynamic windows based on reversible metal electrodeposition:
  6. Maximilian Laurs, RWTH Aachen – Prestress profiles in chemically toughened glass by photoelasticity:
  7. Stephen Morse, Michigan Technical University – Lower tail fit of the Weibull distribution for edge-line glass strength:
  8. Michael Kraus, Bundeswehr University Munich – Simulation of glass fracture using Voronoi random field tessellations:
  9. Florian Gast, Dr. Siebert Consulting Engineers – Testing artificially aged silicone sealants for advanced applications:
  10. Gianni Royer Carfagni, Maffeis Engineering – An engineered tool for the soft-body impact on glazed surfaces:
  11. Fumihiko Chiba, YKK AP Inc – Structural silicone performance after 31 years in service in Japan:
  12. Jon Kimberlain, Dow Silicones – Novel method for cold bending glass, transparent structural silicone adhesive:

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