IR Dynamics at Step Change 2023 event

The company’s name is IR Dynamics, and we specialize in making vanadium dioxide thermochromic material that goes onto the glass.

Being here at the Step Change event is very important to us because we are not initially from the glass industry, but that is where our product will be used.

Tyler from VELUX visited our company and suggested us to attend. So, this event is our introduction to the glass industry. After all, after many years of research in the laboratory, it is time for us to step out.

We have a product that can make a step change improvement in the energy efficiency of the glass. And our vision is to take the company to the next step where the application of our coatings on glass can be made standard.

The biggest milestone we have achieved so far is developing this high-performing material that is low-cost, scalable and can actually be produced.

There have been 60 years of research on this product, and no one has been able to figure out how to make it work. This past fall, our chemists made a breakthrough. And now we are bringing that to the world.

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