GPD 2019 Presentations – Glass and sustainability

The Glass Performance Days conference 2019 was full of informative and inspiring presentations on a variety of topics.  For us, it’s a mission to share this educational material with you.

Here, you will find all the latest content related to the energy-efficiency and sustainability aspects of glass. If you are looking for information on energy-efficient glass manufacturing methods, innovative glazing solutions effective in environmental protection or energy-optimized façades, you are on the right page.

  1. Cédric Janssens, Glass for Europe – Energy-efficient glazing to reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption:
  2. Helen Sanders, Technoform – Why fenestration U-factor is important in hot climates:
  3. Graeme DeBrincat & Eva Babic, Arup – Rethinking the lifecycle of architectural glass:
  4. Rebecca Hartwell, University of Cambridge – Unlocking the re-use potential of glass façade system:
  5. Vesa Jääskö, Aalto University – Printed Perotech, the new architectural BIPV solution technology:
  6. Elisabet Klimm, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE ­– Analysis of natural dust and qualification of solar glass with a soiling sensor:
  7. Pascal Buskens, Brightlands Material Center – Solution processed thermochromic coatings for energy-efficient glazing:
  8. Heiko Mertel, iconic skin GmbH – ISOshade, the latest development in double-skin façades

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