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A complete eBook on insulated glazing, the IG Manufacturing Line Buyer’s Guide, is now available online. Download it and learn what technology to look for, how to avoid typical pitfalls and what to ask from potential equipment suppliers.

The future is bright

It is true that the COVID-19 pandemic will have some impact on global insulating glass (IG) business during this year. This is mainly triggered by a reduction in construction activities. In the long-term, however, no significant change is anticipated in the outlook for insulating glass. Even today, analysts continue to stick to their pre-crisis projections, forecasting an overall IG market growth in the upcoming years.

So, even though your 2020 business plans have most probably somewhat shifted, the current short-term interruption in regular business dynamics is actually a good moment to better assess your future goals and start preparing for tomorrow.  

When planning for an investment

When we talk about investing in an insulating glass manufacturing line, we are talking about much more than just buying a piece of equipment. In fact, the whole project – from making your business case to having a line in production – can take up to 1.5 years. And every step in this project requires a carefully evaluated decision.

First, you need to have clear answers to a vast range of questions. For example, what is your chosen business model? How is it different from your competitors? Why is it important to own an IG manufacturing line in-house? What about the break-even point? And how do you calculate the total cost of ownership?

But most importantly, how will you choose the correct technology?

As long as the line itself represents one of the largest shares in your total investment costs, choosing the right line for you calls for a careful examination of the options available.  And it might be tricky not to get lost in the myriad of glossy manufacturers’ claims.

A navigator to the ideal line

The IG Manufacturing Line Buyer’s Guide is the latest eBook covering all the information needed on how to make smart investment choices.

It’s been written to serve as a unique guidance tool for evaluating the options and supporting strategic decision-making with recommendations based on different IG manufacturing requirements.

The guide is the result of extended experience from working in the industry and seeing hundreds of IG manufacturing line investments. We learned a lot from them, and today we are happy to share our learnings also with you.

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