GPD 2019 Presentations – Glass design trends

The Glass Performance Days conference 2019 was full of informative and inspiring presentations on a variety of topics.  For us, it’s a mission to share this educational material with you.

Whether you are interested in extra thin or peculiarly curved glass – explore some of the latest on-trend solutions when it comes to complex forms and geometries presented by the industry’s top-notch professionals.

Complex geometry and curved glass

  1. Ulli Mueller, Sika Services AG – Mistral Tower, solutions for SSG joints optimization in cold-bent units:
  2. Benjamin Beer, Ramboll – Options for complex geometry façades:
  3. Helmut Hohenstein, Dr. Hohenstein Consultancy – Curved and 3D glass, the new hype in top-end architecture:
  4. Javier Sanchez-Gil, Cristacurva –Reshaping architectural glass with new possibilities of curved glass:
  5. Naomi Schlösser, Eckersley O’Callaghan – Glass quality and specification of curved panels:
  6. Dirk Schulte, Roschmann Steel & Glass Constructions – High-performance coated bent tempered glass:  
  7. Jon Kimberlain, Dow Silicones – Durability of structural silicone sealant in cold-bent glazing design:
  8. Frederico Figueiredo, Pentagonal Lda – Complex geometry glass balustrade for Eleftheria Square, design and construction:

Thin glass

  1. Sophie Pennetier, Enclos – Ultra-thin glass projects:
  2. Julian Hänig, Dresden University of Technology – Load-bearing behavior of innovative lightweight glass-plastic-composite panels:
  3. Jürgen Neugebauer, FH Joanneum University of Applied Science – Adaptive façade systems made from thin glass:
  4. Sebastián Andrés López, The University of Siegen – Structural behavior of thin glass-polycarbonate composite panels:
  5. Marco Zaccaria, AGC Glass Europe – Scaling thin glass use to the architectural world:
  6. Christian Louter, Dresden University of Technology – Thin glass for architectural applications:
  7. Stig Mikkelsen & Mandeep Singh, Mikkelsen Arkitekter AS – Thin façades with sustainable environmental depth:

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