#AskGlaston Lamination Series #4: Laminating line upgrades

Taneli Ylinen, who has been involved in a huge number of laminating line upgrades to help glass processors improve their processing capabilities, will tell you about the benefits an upgrade brings and how fast one is done in real life.

If you are experiencing unexpected downtime, high maintenance costs or any other process-related issues, consider devoting one weekend to make an upgrade of your glass lamination equipment.

The main benefits of upgrading your glass lamination equipment to the latest technology with a full-convection heating system include ease of use, perfect capability even for the most complex glasses and consistent quality.

After this kind of upgrade, the glass processors report significant energy savings – even up to 50%. This is mainly achieved due to efficient closed-loop full-convection technology, as there is no need to vent any hot air out of the furnace.

On top of that, major savings on the annual maintenance costs are also reported. In this case, this is due to the fact that there is no more need to replace any expensive infrared lamps.

When upgrading a line, the most critical point for any glass processor is the downtime of the existing equipment. Therewith, the ProL-zone upgrade can be done in just one weekend. And you are back to production right on Monday.

Here in Finland, we will continue to push the limits of glass lamination still further. If you want to learn more or have a question, go to glastory.net and #AskGlaston.

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