eBook on how to succeed in the glass lamination business

Today’s spotlight is on lamination. The increasing awareness of the advantages of using laminated glass across different industries has triggered a rapid growth in the laminated glass market. Whether lamination is an essential part of your glass processing activities already, or you are just looking into ways to tap into this field, this guidebook will help you succeed.

According to market researchers, the global laminated glass market is expected to reach over USD 27 billion by the end of 2025, with an annual growth rate of around 6% over this time. The advantages of laminated glass, such as increased safety and durability, better energy efficiency, high sound insulation capabilities and many others, are among the main drivers for the upturn.

Ever more often, end users are specifying laminated glass for their projects. This includes companies from the aerospace, healthcare and electronics industries, to name just a few.

The rapid market growth also means an increased number of glass processors will start thinking of leveraging their business by adding or improving their laminated offering.

But first, there will be many questions that come to mind:  What are the most critical factors I should consider before making an investment? How can a good-quality lamination line help me get the best results? And – everyone’s favorite – what are the costs involved?

We reached out to our top lamination experts to get some answers.

Together, we created an eBook filled with tips, practical guidelines and easy-to-grasp theoretical information.

The result is the “Laminating Line Buyer’s Guide,” a handy eBook for everyone – whether you are a newcomer in the market or a strong and growing industry player.

Based on hundreds of questions regularly addressed to industry professionals, this eBook covers the following:

  • Basics of glass lamination
  • The most crucial factors to consider before making an investment
  • How to choose a laminating line that suits your production needs
  • Typical pitfalls
  • How to assess and choose your potential partner
  • Checklists and more

Download your copy:

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