#AskGlaston Episode 4: Heat strengthening of triple-silver-coated glass

#AskGlaston Episode 4: How to heat strengthen thick triple-silver glass and run full loads with the ProE tempering line

Hi all, this week we got questions that we know many processors have. It’s definitely worth watching the video to learn:

– How to run good quality triple-silver heat-strengthened glass

– How to run higher capacity production with the Tamglass ProE furnace

And, hey, give feedback on the video. As you see, we have changed the design now to make it easier for you to pick up the main learning points. Hope you can learn, try – and succeed!

How to run good quality triple-silver heat-strengthened glass?

– Control the pressure difference between the top and bottom surfaces throughout the whole cooling cycle in the quench.

– Flatness control should happen in the cooling section.

– Use the intelligent air balance control and independent nozzle adjustment control to get more pressure from the top side.

Tempering full loads with Tamglass ProE

– It is possible to run full loads with Tamglass ProE. However, you need to change the furnace parameters in the glass tempering process.

– Large loads require slightly lower furnace temperatures and an increased heating time to evenly heat the full batch.

– With newer technology, such as the Glaston RC and FC series, the system adjusts the heating profile automatically based on the loading length.

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