#AskGlaston Episode 3: How to temper Low-E glass with older tempering technology

Question number 3 comes from one of our customers in Russia:

How to run the new coated glass with older Tamglass tempering lines?

Thank you again for the question! Watch our video answer:

Show notes:

The easiest way is to lower the process temperatures and increase the cycle time. This means, however, a lower capacity, but it will give you the ability to run low-E glass. This makes it easier to reduce the frame effect, as well as control the glass flatness and other quality measures.

In the ProE and Sonic type of furnaces, there is an “index” feature, which keeps the top heaters running even when the glass temperature is not requesting it.

However, if you want to run low-emissivity glass with a higher cycle time, then an upgrade is needed. An upgrade can include a roller heat control system, a Vortex Pro convection system or something else. These upgrades are especially suitable for old technology that was designed at a time when there was no low-emissivity coated glass available in the market.



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