Volframi at Step Change 2023 event

Our company Volframi is an engineering company. We are rethinking processes of how things can be done to get better results, new applications and end products for the glass processing industry.

In the Base Camp, we are waiting to meet enthusiastic people who are interested in changing their mindset and their current acts. We are looking for people who are ready for new ideas and new applications and are ready to renew their existing processes so that they can offer new products for their customers and get better value for themselves.

I heard about GPD from my previous company. They were always attending and said that this is a good event for meeting people and making acquaintances. And we find that this is the best place to be in Finland.

Now, we are an engineering company, and we are aiming to do equipment manufacturing for the glass processing industry. We want to offer a different kind of approach to making glass and new applications – and help to walk to the future.

As to our biggest milestones, the best one is now when we have made the first deals with the customers. And we are already getting the first applications onto the market.

We see that people are indeed interested in making new things in new ways.



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