Tynt at Step Change 2023 event

My company is Tynt Technologies. We make dynamic tinting windows that go from completely clear to completely blackout.

We were founded three years ago, and it’s a technology spinout of Stanford University and the University of Colorado.

Our expectations from Base Camp are really just to connect with our cohort. So, other people that are going through similar stages of development, other startups, our friendly competitors and other materials companies that are kind of adjacent. So, we are trying to build a network here because we’re all going through the same process together. And then also, hopefully, getting a little bit of exposure from some more experienced companies in the industry.

There are big glass companies here, and we have this opportunity to offer our technology or maybe connect with them – and maybe even find a customer or partner along the way.

We heard about Base Camp from other companies in the industry that we work with. Particularly, VELUX. They actually invited us to be here. It’s my first time at GPD. This has been a great experience so far for us.

As to our company vision, we’re really trying to develop a technology that can be everywhere. We’re not looking to be a niche dynamic window. We want to be basically in every home in the future. That’s how you can affect climate change and have an impact on the environment – by developing a technology that is accessible and low cost – and everyone can have it.

So my vision of the future 20 to 30 years from now is that all of our windows are going to be dynamic and interactive. They’re going to adjust to the sunlight, adjust to other weather conditions, have display information in them and things like that.

In turn, we really want to help lead that transition. Now, I don’t think that we’re going to sell every window in the future. But we really want to be at the forefront of bringing dynamic windows to people’s homes.

I think the milestone I’m most proud of is just getting to this point. We’ve started from being a graduate school technology, where there are small devices and proofs of concept that it works. But being able to get to the point where we can bring these devices out here to GPD and show them off to the world is an enormous milestone.

As you know, a lot of people try and take things out of university and aren’t successful even getting to this point. So we’re still just getting started. We’re still in the infancy stage of the company but with some huge accomplishments already today.

And thanks to the team for working so hard to get us so far.


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