VideowindoW at Step Change 2023 event

My name is Mark Oudenhoven. I’m from VideowindoW. And what we’ve done is we’ve sandwiched an LCD panel in between the glass. Thereby, we make the glass tintable but also pixilated because of the LCD screen. Now, rather than turning the whole glass into grayish or bluish with a mono pixel, we can show content because of the many pixels. That’s what we focus on.

We have developed a lot of content to add functionality, entertainment and fun to glass. We can adjust this content in transparency, depending on how much daylight there is. And therefore, it also works as glare control.

Here is one of the types of content we develop. What you’re looking at is a tree. Part of a tree. It’s calculation, not video footage. The image you see is responding to the light conditions from outside. So, if the sun starts shining brighter, the foliage, the leaves of the tree will grow denser, more dark, creating more glare control. Importantly, it will also create a doubled shadow pattern on the floor. So although the tree may be artificial, the shadow is real, giving you the impression that you’re walking through the forest.

We also have AI-generated content. For instance, you can give a few prompts, and it’ll create a poem and a visual story. based on it

But what I’d like to show you is something that we have developed using Spotify. For this, you can select the song on your mobile Spotify, but the window will collect the lyrics of that song and put them in a random pattern. Again, that pattern itself creates glare control. Once they start singing, you can see that some letters become dark, turning into karaoke right in your window.

We at VideowindoW have already been out for a while. We started our company five years ago. And it’s about a year ago that we got in touch with VELUX.

Although we are now mainly focusing on large facades, we can combine a couple of these screens to cover the whole facade. But with VELUX, we are exploring the possibility to have a more home-based residential application.

VideowindoW was encouraged very much by Tyler of VELUX to join this Base Camp and learn the glass industry better. Besides the usual hope for new buyers and customers, I think what’s interesting for us here at Step Change is to get to know the glass sector.

We are mostly focused on developing content to cultivate the whole fun factor of this. We don’t pretend to be glass specialists. So we really need to collaborate, find the exact right collaboration partner in the glass industry. Since everybody is here, we should be able to find the right people to further develop our idea.

What VideowindoW is most proud of is the first client that we actually had, the first project that we launched. Before that, it was very dependent on our explanation. It required a lot of imagination from people to understand what we offer.

I’m glad we were finally able to install our windows at the Rotterdam Airport in the Netherlands, where we cover the whole facade. They say an image says more than a thousand words. So now, we can just show what we do – we add value to glass.

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