Change is not a threat, it’s an opportunity – The future of glass in urban design


The above quote is something that I recommend to read a couple of times. It has a truly powerful message. Today, we can see companies that are surviving in this change, and we see companies that embrace the wide array of opportunities the change brings. The world is changing, whether we want it or not. And we all have the power to choose to do something about it.

Three main takeaways are:

  1. Change is not a threat, it’s an opportunity.
  2. Survival is not the goal!
  3. Transformation is the key to success.

Let’s explore this a bit further!

Change is not a threat, it’s an opportunity

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Many industries are changing, and they are changing very rapidly. The same thing is happening with the glass industry. We have to choose not to be threatened by change. Instead, let us rejoice. Change is a great opportunity to mold the world around us. It’s an opportunity to make something that lasts for the future generations to come.

This is why we love glass so much. The current technological advancements allow us to create shapes that have not been created before. More extreme and curvier. The current technology allows us to create bigger sheets than ever before. Every challenge we face offers us an opportunity to change the world as we know it.

Survival is not the goal


We Finns are normally perceived as introverted and unlikely to accept uncertainty. Yes – as a nation, we have some tendencies towards that direction. But as a company, we accept our duties to keep developing technologies that make tomorrow better. Survival is not a goal since it leaves no room for innovation or sustainable development.

We accept the fact that the world is not yet ready. The world is not yet complete. There are so many things yet to be discovered. All in the name of bettering the planet and individual well-being.

Transformation is the key to success

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“We didn’t have to change. We were successful by being the way we were,” is something that no one ever says.

Transformation and sustainable development are the keys to success. The ability to think and develop, as well as the ability to design, is key to improve our businesses.

We want to encourage innovation, internally and externally. No matter if it’s about bending or glazing technologies, our teams are always looking for ways to improve. How about yours?


Above, I talked about change and innovation. I talked about pushing the boundaries so that we can leave something remarkable for the next generation. That is why we wanted to put together an eBook that shows what can be done with glass. Not only today but also tomorrow. The eBook includes concrete examples, concrete cases. Some have been built, some are still to come.

I highly encourage you not only to download the eBook but to think really hard about the future from the perspective of what could be achieved. What would serve our customers better, what favor could we do for nature – and so on.

And let us know how you see the world of tomorrow. And, in the meantime, download our new eBook!


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