#AskGlaston Lamination Series #1: A quick glimpse inside Glaston’s R&D center

This video is the first video in our new #AskGlaston Lamination Series. In this series, we will be covering some of the most important aspects of lamination, including the heating and pressing processes, as well as an autoclave. This first episode provides a quick glimpse inside Glaston’s R&D and test center in Finland together with Jussi Niemioja, Senior R&D Manager.

Today, laminated glass is one of the quickest growing products in the glass industry. Therefore, it is essential to invest in R&D continuously to make sure that equipment manufacturers are matching the developing needs of the glass processors with their glass lamination technology.

At Glaston’s technology center, there is full-scale glass lamination equipment. With these, it is possible to practice almost any glass compositions, including different films and glass types.

The autoclaving equipment used at this test center is built specifically for our R&D use by our partner Akarmak. Its main special feature is the presence of multiple windows through which the operators can monitor the process very closely and optimize it if needed. The whole process is much easier if you can see what is happening inside the autoclave.

In the next episode, we will focus on the ease of use of modern glass lamination technology. So, keep an eye on our new posts.

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