Summary of worldwide glass trends from GPD 2017

Almost a year ago, over 650 international participants gathered together in the sunny city of Tampere, Finland, for the world’s leading glass industry conference, Glass Performance Days 2017.

This blog touches briefly on the topics you can find in the summary report of presentations from the conference. The complete e-Book is available for download at

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Global glass market

Just a quarter of a century ago, Europe, the United States and Japan produced 60% of all the glass in the world. Now, the share of these regions has dropped to below 20%. But who is taking the lead? And did you know that the total demand for flat glass in the year 2016 reached 73 million tons? What are the factors affecting this growth? Architectural glass accounts for about 80% of total flat glass demand. But where does the remaining 20% come from? Our “Worldwide Glass Trends” summary has these answers.

Worldwide glass design trends

New changes in the glass market are bringing new trends to the glass processing industry as well. Glass sizes, shapes and uses become more challenging for manufacturers. The summary of the “Worldwide glass design trends” contains other trending developments within the glass market.

You might also be interested in the content of the following downloads: “Summary of structural & cold bent glass applications” or “Summary of worldwide glass energy trends”.

Glass quality & IoT

The most recent R&D in the glass market has focused on the development of quality control technologies. Examples include solutions and tools for measuring or controlling such typical glass processing issues as anisotropy, roller wave, inappropriate inert gas content in insulating glass and more. But what are these innovative solutions exactly?

Being all about automation and digitalization, the IoT (Internet of Things) concept brings efficiencies to a new level in productivity, flexibility, quality and time-to-market. This was well-covered in the presentations and speeches during GPD 2017.

Download the summary of “Worldwide glass quality & processing trends.”

Full coverage

 These were only some of the topics discussed by our GPD speakers in the summer of 2017. But, in fact, there is so much more – global glass design trends, new technologies available in glass, the correlation between glass and energy conservation issues and other topics.

All of them are now available in detail in the GPD 2017 e-Book.

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