#AskGlaston Insulating Glass Manufacturing Series Episode 2: MULTI’ARRISSER

This is the second video in our #AskGlaston Insulating Glass Manufacturing Series. This time, we will talk about the new glass arrissing machine, MULTI’ARRISSER. The machine has been transforming the industry for two years now. But why was it developed, and what makes MULTI’ARRISSER truly special? In this episode, Gennadi Schadrin, Head of Research & Development at Glaston Germany, will share the reasons behind its creation and discuss the significant benefits it offers to glass processors.

Why was MULTI’ARRISSER developed? / Driving forces behind MULTI’ARRISSER

MULTI’ARRISSER, the cutting-edge glass arrissing machine, was introduced to the market two years ago. Its development was spurred by two key driving factors.

Firstly, the inherent risk of handling sharp glass edges cannot be understated. When dealing with glass, accidents, such as cuts, can happen very quickly. Consequently, many countries have been witnessing a growing trend toward higher safety requirements. After all, the risk of injury is many times lower if the glass has an arrissed edge.

In addition, the share of safety glass is continuously growing. Yet, it has become imperative to edge-seam the glass before tempering it in a furnace. This requirement stems from the need to avoid the microcracks, which tend to develop during the upstream stages of cutting and breaking.

What makes MULTI’ARRISSER special?

The main goal during the development of MULTI’ARRISSER was to raise the standard for glass arrissing to a new level. As a result, the machine indeed has many unique features.

Cup wheel technology

Unlike conventional solutions, MULTI’ARRISSER is based on a cup wheel technology. This brings significant advantages for the glass processors. For example, it ensures a ten times longer service life of the tool. In practice, this translates into 200,000 m of glass that can be processed with a single tool. This is also the reason why MULTI’ARRISSER is an economically attractive solution.

Moreover, the arrissing quality is significantly higher due to the cup wheel technology. This has to do with the contact surface between the glass and the tool.

New functions

With MULTI’ARRISSER, it is now possible to process the flat edge side, to dub the corners and even to process in a circular motion.

Being able to do all of this with a single tool was not possible with previous machine generations.


By using the cup wheel technology, it is possible to achieve an arrissing speed of up to 60 m/min. This makes MULTI’ARRISSER the fastest single-head machine in the world.

Lessons learned

Now that MULTI’ARRISSER has been on the market for two years now, some learnings have been made. The most important one is the actual confirmation of all the core benefits from the technology users. This includes the extended tool life, high arrissing quality, unprecedented processing speed, new features and more. Seeing that these benefits are really there – and not just written on paper – is very inspiring.

When it comes to the machine layout, there is no one perfect solution to fit everyone. But since MULTI’ARRISSER has a modular configuration, it can be easily customized based on the specific requirements of every user.

Digitally prepared technology

Now that the digital transformation is in full swing, every new technology needs to align and adapt.

MULTI’ARRISSER is well in line with this trend. Already now, the machine actively uses several digital features. For example, it automatically measures the wear of a grinding wheel and compensates for it using software. This way, the machine learns itself, and any manual intervention is no longer necessary.

In addition, the machine has been continuously developed to make even more data available. This includes energy consumption, water consumption or compressed air consumption. When more data is transparent for the maintenance personnel, any irregularities can be reported and addressed timely.

For more specific details on MULTI’ARRISSER and its benefits, watch the video above.

If you would like any more information about Glaston MULTI’ARRISSER, please visit this page.

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